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Wout Raeyen: Proving that Different Backgrounds can do Sales

7 months ago #Success

Wout Raeyen holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science. He currently works for EyeTech Solutions Antwerp recruiting IT professionals and is thriving in his sales position. What was he missing at his previous job in the fitness sector that led him to sales? 

“Before working, I studied several things: I have a bachelor’s degree in applied nutrition, a bachelor in biomedical sciences related to nutrition and I also did two specialisation years as a post graduate studying diabetes (with nutrition/sports nutrition). Completely unrelated to what I’m doing now!” 

What did he do for work before coming to EyeTech?

“I was a manager in the fitness sector. I managed a club myself in Geel. My tasks were to support the staff and to manage the daily operations.”

Why did he want to switch to recruitment?

“Well, since I was a manager at the fitness club, we also had sales targets. For me, the satisfactory level wasn’t there. If you reached your target, there was no reward. This was the aspect I was missing a lot. Lots of internal targets but no reward for reaching them. Here it’s totally opposite. You will get recognised for your hard work.”

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Speaking of incentives – how have the rewards been different now since working at EyeTech?

“My team won the Mystery Trip to Barcelona. The Mystery Trip is a yearly incentive for the best office within a certain time frame. We did not find out where we were going until we arrived in the airport! That was a huge highlight. It was a great way to start off my experience at EyeTech. Now I’m constantly looking forward to the next thing. More placements, Lunch Club [Michelin star lunch incentive], whatever it is – it’s a mindset for us: always wanting more!”

Has his satisfactory level increased now since making the switch to recruitment?

“Absolutely. Besides getting rewarded for hitting targets, the job itself is great. My favourite part is discussing the final stages with candidates and clients. Another huge plus is the team I work with. EyeTech Antwerp is a very, very good team! It’s a pleasure to work with these team members and I look forward to what’s next for me.”

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