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We Don't Hire "Average", We Only Hire the Best

4 months ago #Success

“Typical” is a quality that fails to impress both Sarah and Daria, members of our internal recruitment team. 

The future of FSM Group lays in the hands of these two, seeking and deeply qualifying potential consultants before they become part of the FSM family. Everything from the success of the company to the expansion of new offices begin with our Internal Recruiters finding top billers.

How are Sarah and Daria able to spot champions?

S: "We always look for ambitious people. We as recruiters need to know what kind of ambition the person has and if it corresponds with what the company is looking for." 

D: "We see if our candidates want to achieve high goals in their life; if they want to be winners, not just 'average'. We don't hire average. We only hire the best."

What is the trick to accurately and deeply qualifying candidates for FSM Group?

S: "We don’t have a template of questions to ask – there are things that we NEED to know, but when we're qualifying we look at external factors rather than just what is on their CV.  Soft skills matter even more than hard skills in our qualification. Only the special people stand out to us." 

D: "We hire people with all kinds of different personalities and because of this, we cannot qualify each of them in the same way. We like to tailor-make our questions as we go, according to what they say. It gives us a really clear picture of their personality which we can then compare to the company culture."

Company culture is a big part of life at FSM Group. Ambition, dynamism and a drive for success are all qualities that correspond to our culture!

Do you think you could be a good qualifier like Sarah and Daria? You can use those skills to become a recruitment consultant for one of our sub brands. Apply now for one of our open jobs! You might be the next sales person our internal team is searching for.

Our internal team is responsible for finding the consultants that make up our group. How does it feel when their recruits are successful?

D: "When we find out that our hired consultants are reaching their targets, we are really happy for them! It means that they are doing their part for the group and also prospering on a personal level."

S: "Our main objective is to find the right people who will evolve within the company. They are hungry for different things; success, knowledge, money... whatever it might be, they are passionate. I am proud when my recruits are doing well." 

It is largely due to our internal team that we have such a great group of people that we can call our colleagues here at FSM Group. Do you recognise traits of your own in what our internal team spoke about? We want you to join us.

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