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The FSM Mindset, According to our Top Consultant of 2018

3 months ago #Meritocracy

“If you come into the office everyday as a winner, at the end of the day, you will leave as a winner.”

We sat down with Mattias Van Duyse of Fuse Engineering Ghent to gain some insight on how he became the number one top consultant in FSM group last year. Mattias has been at FSM Group for 2 years, spending half of that time as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, intent on finding maintenance and technical candidates a new challenge in the engineering sector.

How did it feel to become the top consultant of 2018 within our group?

“To be the top consultant of last year was really amazing.  You win so many incentives for your hard work and it’s a great feeling because everyone is looking up to you.  I had a lot of people asking me questions about being a consultant.  It is an incredible feeling when people want to learn from you.”

FSM Group is built upon the core values of Fun, Success and Meritocracy. Do you think that you could thrive in our company like Mattias? We’re hiring! Apply for one of our open positions now.

How did the value of Meritocracy affect Mattias last year?

“It’s truly the best and very rewarding.  When you come to work you are really driven and when you work hard you earn a lot of extra incentives, so it’s a driving force to go in to the office everyday.  At the end of all your hard work you get a bonus for it, so it is the best motivation.”

Speaking of motivation, Mattias can proudly show off the Rolex which he received at the end of 2018.  Our top consultant gets their very own Rolex at the end of the year as a reward for their hard work. Besides the Rolex, what other incentives has he won?

“I went to Las Vegas with the other top consultants within our group last year, and that was definitely my favourite, it was such a nice time. I think everyone was really proud that they were able to be part of this incentive! Other than Vegas, some incentives I’ve won include the second car target (the Mercedes CLA) along with 5 lunch clubs.”

The Vegas trip is one of our annual incentives which we call the "Super Trip", and Lunch Club is our reward which allows our consultants to eat at a Michelin star restaurant! Having already accomplished a lot within our group, what is Mattias’ plan for 2019?

“I definitely want to be in the top 10 of the company again this year, but I would also like to become a Team Leader.  I am putting a focus within growing in the company. That is my drive for 2019.”

At FSM Group, you have the chance to take charge of your career and create your own path. Being very focused on his own work but also readily willing to help other consultants improve, Mattias is a true leader within our group! Curious about our sub brand Fuse Engineering? Check us out on LinkedIn. To learn more about FSM Group and our culture, visit us on Instagram and Facebook!