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Successful Recruiters' Top Skills According to Valentina Narcisi

3 months ago #Success

Dynamic and enthusiastic are two words that describe Valentina Narcisi, who works at our brand of executive recruitment, LEDR Executive Solutions.  Valentina has been part of the FSM Group family for one year and counting. We sat down with Valentina to gain some further insight on what it's like to work in recruitment at FSM Group.

Why does Valentina choose to work in the recruitment industry?

“In recruitment, you can combine sales with the human aspect which I think is ideal.  I would love to keep doing this job for a long time in the future, because when you work in a ‘regular’ sales job you can miss out on that touch of human interaction.  In recruitment, you are steadily making a difference for real people.  It’s never boring because every case is different.”

With the possibility to earn uncapped commissions at FSM Group, how does this incentive affect Valentina’s work?

“Wow, it’s amazing!  The amounts can get so high – the first time that I got a real big commission, I was so amazed.  I actually did not know how to react, it was crazy.  It’s very rare to be able to achieve commission at other companies in the same way we do here at FSM.  It’s unique and it drives me to work very hard.”

At FSM Group, we offer many rewards and incentives to our employees. One of the biggest rewards is the FSM Group Super Trip where our top performing employees get to take a trip overseas to Las Vegas! Want to join us to Vegas at the next Super Trip? Apply now to be a Recruitment Consultant!

Valentina is one of the top consultants at FSM Group. How does it feel to be in the top of her brand?

“Very proud of course – but I am going to be number one!  Top 3 is not good enough, I am going to be in the first spot.”

Clearly, she possesses an intense drive and go-getter mentality which enables her to achieve such high results.  As a successful consultant herself, what traits does she think all prosperous recruiters have in common?

“We all possess a big amount of good spirit.  I think that all successful consultants are result-driven, and I also believe that we are all empathetic.  To become a good sales consultant you need to have soft skills and you need to understand what is important for the others, so that you can be proactive and create the best solution for them.”

What are her values in the office everyday?

“At work, I think it’s important to have a lot of fun, and we definitely do.  You need to have the spirit to just ‘go for it’ at all times.  It is very important in recruitment to be urgent and confident.”