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Steve Lopez: a Genuine Love for Sales

1 month ago #Success

Steve is part of LEDR Executive Solutions, our executive group. Having been the top biller during the lockdown period and now moving into his brand new office in the IT Tower, Steve is feeling good at FSM Group! Let's learn some more about him.

Sales is definitely a passion for you Steve. Did you have past experience in a role like this?

"I did, but in an abstract way. Through education I'm a journalist, but later on I specialised in audiovisual communication. Communication in a way is selling; you sell yourself as a person through your language. It's what helped me with my presentation and tone pace volume - because when you’re reading texts for radio or TV, it needs to be perfect."

What makes working in LEDR a unique experience for you?

"I feel honoured to be part of the amazing team at LEDR because the atmosphere is thrilling. LEDR is amazing because you get in contact with so many high profiles. These are people who have accomplished so much and can amaze you with their performances. I am really privileged to work with such talented colleagues, clients and candidates."


What's your mindset when you enter the office every day?

"Every process, I enter as a battle. That's how you should always go for it: set a goal and aim for a target. That is selling and in our job, it’s crucial to go straight for the goal."

Executive recruitment can be difficult - how do you stay positive?

"Indeed, a process can take longer than usual. We have fewer opportunities but the stakes are higher. The thrill is amazing when you can finalise a process. It’s not hard for me because of my nature... I’m not lying when I say I love my work, enjoying good jokes and loving the atmosphere that we have in the office and the group."


What are some of your goals at work?

"Every day you start from scratch. I keep pushing myself to represent my candidates to the fullest. The more that you believe, the more you achieve. Once you are going for something you don't stop. It all starts with one, but you keep going, keep setting targets and you get into that rush waiting for the commissions. Commissions make a ‘nice dessert’ as we say!"

You were the top biller during the lockdown period from March 15th until now! How did you keep motivated?

"I am really proud! I am really going hard and I try to bring the best out of myself and keep pushing. It was a busy time during the lockdown but I kept pushing and pushing to maintain that first position and I'm happy that I succeeded. It's an honour that I can only try to expand and uphold. I will always try to be even better the next coming period."

Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to share with your colleagues?

"The advice that I can give to my colleagues is to keep the passion in your work. I enjoy my job 24/7, it's not even exaggerated! That's what keeps me shining and keeps me going for more!  Passion, happiness and fun are all crucial for me. I wish it to everybody."


If you are as enthusiastic as Steve, we want you to join us at FSM Group!