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Ruben Myin: From Intern to Top Biller

4 months ago #Success

Ruben Myin is busy making deals with his team at EyeTech Solutions, working on the IT Development market for East and West Flanders. Compared to some other Consultants, Ruben started off his career at FSM Group a little bit differently.

“I first did an internship here for 3 months at the beginning of 2018. I was helping out wherever I could: calling clients, qualifying candidates, populating the database, etc. A big plus was that I was able to follow the trainings by the FSM Academy, our own training department, so I had the chance to learn a lot about sales at the same time.”

What made him want to stay at FSM Group when the internship ended?

“The internship was a lot of fun! I loved the atmosphere and all of the young people that worked here. I saw how much you could achieve at FSM Group. After the internship ended, I had an interview and they asked me if I wanted a position in EyeTech Solutions. I’ve been officially working here since July of 2018.”

He made an excellent choice to continue working at FSM Group as he is now the current Top Biller in EyeTech Solution's Contract division.

“It feels amazing to be in the top. I put a lot of work in and I’m starting to get the payoff from that. We have achieved a lot of targets with the team and it feels good to know that I contributed to those rewards. With the deals I made throughout these months I have been a part of leading my team to success.”

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What makes EyeTech Solutions Contract team unique?

“Because of the Office Target [team building activities] that we’ve won, we also have a better connection as a team as a whole. We know each other’s personalities outside of work and we have all become really close friends. It’s great to have that atmosphere with my team.”

What are Ruben's objectives for this year?

"I want to win a spot on the Las Vegas Super Trip for sure. It is the best incentive of the year for the Top Billers in each brand. I'd also love to hit the 2nd car target. I hope that as a team we achieve the most possible this year and that we continue to help and motivate each other."

Does Ruben have any advice to offer others? Maybe those just starting out in recruitment?

“Don’t hesitate to ask questions to people who have been here longer because you can learn a lot from each other. Take your time, try not to get frustrated and stay positive. There will be days where things don’t work out, but you always need to keep going.” 

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