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Proof of Perseverance with Michelle Soentjens

7 months ago #Success

A strong sense of perseverance and a positive attitude is the winning combination for Michelle. Her determination has helped her reach her goals within one year of working for Fuse Engineering Antwerp; always anticipating the highs when experiencing the lows.

Was sales always her main career choice?

“I worked in sales before, but originally, my passion was to be a police officer. I did all of my police exams up until the final one, but unfortunately I failed by half of a point. Afterwards I reconsidered it. Looking at the world today, I didn’t think it was an ideal time to be a police officer so I parked the idea. I’ve stopped with policing now to focus on recruitment because in this sector you have so many incentives and opportunities. Sales is now my main focus.”

Becoming a police officer is quite different than becoming a recruitment consultant. What made her think she would fit in this type of job?

“I think that my inner person is a sales person. I like to sell, negotiate and to have the type of relationship where people know me and enjoy speaking with me. With the commissions and everything you can do in sales – the way you can grow – it makes it an amazing career choice.”

Michelle is an excellent fit for recruitment as she has already reached many targets, one being the #1 current top spot for the Supertrip ranking in Fuse Engineering. The Supertrip is our yearly incentive for our top billers to visit Las Vegas! How does she feel about that?

“The outlook for Vegas seems really good and I couldn’t be happier! At the start, I never thought I was going to Vegas and now it is so close to reality. It’s the first time I really feel like I am achieving something huge.”

In September, Michelle had made 4 placements, gained the top spot for the Supertrip Fuse rankings, achieved lunch club (our Michelin star lunch incentive), her Senior title AND 2nd car target all in one day!

“I have goosebumps now hearing you tell it! That day was amazing. I worked so hard and it was so great to earn such a reward. I wanted to do all of this and I can finally say I reached my goals within one year. I struggled a lot in the beginning. There was a lot of failing. When you move forward out of the struggle and you keep trying, good things will come. I am proof of that!”

What makes Michelle special as a Recruitment Consultant at Fuse?

“My enthusiasm and the fact that I never give up. My mindset is so positive. There are so many worse things in life than a small drawback. I always look on the bright side of life – it’s not always easy, but I know if I do my job and stay positive, eventually good things will come.”