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Pauline Deldaele on Remote Working Success

2 weeks ago #Success

Pauline recruits for Fuse Engineering in Ghent. Attributing her success to a positive attitude and finding motivation daily, Pauline was the first of Fuse Engineering to place a seeking candidate in a new position while working completely digitally during the current period. Let's find out how she did it!


First of all, what goals do you have within FSM Group for 2020? 

"I want to become the best version of myself! A positive mindset is everything - I learned that from my grandmother and also from our Brand Manager Oli! I want to hit at least 1 Rollover incentive, 3 Lunch Clubs, get my second Car Target and earn the highest commission so I can go on the most epic honeymoon with my fiancé and remodel our house."

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You were the first to make a deal remotely! How do you stay motivated? 

"I find my motivation in setting my daily goals and achieving them. When I achieve several goals I treat myself with a cup of coffee or take a 5-minute break enjoying the sun. Being in constant contact with my colleagues is really helpful to keep up the hard work because when you see and hear other people work hard, you do the same. You can ask questions, help each other, make a joke now and then... it is a simple but effective way to keep up the motivation. 

Another motivator is the virtual board my colleagues created. At all times I can see how other colleagues are doing and I keep pushing myself to break records.”


How has the contact between you and your manager been while working remotely? 

"All the contact we have is by mail, phone or skype. My Manager is doing a really good job by starting up every day, calling me on a regular basis to follow up on the processes, send emails with info, set targets and thinking outside the box to help us achieve our goals. The only difference is that we don’t see each other face to face but I still get enough info and help to do my job the best way I can."


Our consultants always celebrate their placements by hitting a gong when we are working in the office. How did you celebrate this placement from home?

"Unfortunately a gong is not part of my home decor, so I missed that adrenaline, but I high-fived my fiancé instead! Of course, it's harder to celebrate with your colleagues virtually, but making a deal at home or at the office still results in commissions, so you don’t hear me complaining!"


Do you have some advice to give others on how they can continue billing from the home office? 

"Set your daily goals but don’t forget to think 2 or 3 months ahead. Go outside for breaks and enjoy the fresh air/sun, it might give you some extra energy to kick some ass! Keep the same routines as you were working at the office, don’t get lazy just because you’re home. Create a professional workspace. Have a positive mindset, I know it is hard to be ‘isolated’ but hey, you don’t have to wait in traffic every morning before making those deals!"

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