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Our Overachieving Mentality: Donation to Les Lucioles

2 months ago #Event

Overachieving a target is natural for us.

Les Lucioles aimed to raise €10k per year. We raised €23.270 for 2019 only. As soon as FSM Group is involved, you can be sure that any goal will be shattered.

As our charity of choice in 2019, the inclusive nursery Les Lucioles received this donation thanks to our charity events throughout the year which were matched by our company.This charity is important to us and part of our corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. 

The Director of Les Lucioles, Marion Vandevoorde, shared how our donation will impact their organisation. They will be fixing a number of things in their building which will solve one specific problem that is important for children with special needs. 

What is the mission of Les Lucioles?

“We welcome children, both with and without special needs, in our care as a nursery at Les Lucioles. We help them learn and grow and provide support to their parents as well. Sometimes, children with disabilities are left out at nurseries or schools. We include them in all activities alongside children without disabilities and treat them all with respect, while catering to different needs.”

What makes Les Lucioles different than other nurseries that care for kids with special needs?

“Children up to 6 years old are welcome in our care and we have a paramedical team as part of our staff. We approach the children with different perspectives and methods of care. In addition to this, we have a variety of different games and equipment which help support the children’s growth.”

How will our donation help Les Lucioles?

“We are subsidised, so the government only supports part of our daily costs. All extra things such as our building maintenance is at our own cost. Some of the children in our care have special needs based on certain factors such as room temperature. We actually need to have different temperature within different rooms and this donation will help support that with the installation of blinds and maintenance of our boiler. We will also be replacing our floors to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of all children in our care.”

Are you interested in learning more or donating to Les Lucioles? You can do so on their website.

In 2020, we have many more charity events planned. You can be part of our FSM family! Join us this year.