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On the Journey from Down Under to Top Biller

3 months ago #Success

Fleur is keen on discovering new things. From deciding to live in a different continent to trying sales for the first time, this Trainee consultant at Fuse Engineering Antwerp does not shy away from a challenge. Having started here less than 4 months ago, she has already made many placements. How did she end up at the Fuse office in the first place?

“Originally, I never thought about working in recruitment. I come from a background of studies in public relations. Afterwards I did an internship in the event sector which gave me a good foundation in sales because it included a lot of B2B selling.”

Why did she venture out of the event sector?

“I decided to move away and live in Australia for a year. I did some hospitality work there and I had a freelance job with a communications agency for hair and beauty products. It was a one-woman company who was responsible for selling the biggest hair product brand in Australia! I worked with her by writing blog posts, contacting influencers and doing a mix of communications and sales in the Melbourne and Sydney area.”

Did she gain some skills abroad that helped her to get where she is today?

“When you live in a different country, you end up being able to work better with all different kinds of people from different nationalities and backgrounds. You get to know yourself, what you want and what’s important for you.”

Communications seems like a big interest for Fleur. It includes elements of sales, but the job of a recruitment consultant is much different. What made her decide to switch industries?

“When I came back from Australia I immediately came to work for Fuse. I heard that the people working for FSM in Antwerp really enjoyed the job which interested me. I liked sales when I was in the event sector so I wanted to give recruitment a try. After I went to the first interview, I was convinced.”

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Making many placements in a short amount of time is very impressive for a Trainee consultant. Did she discover a skill she has that helps her in sales

I think it’s the empathy I have over the phone. I’m genuinely interested in helping my candidates so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing the job just for myself. One of my first candidates had been looking for a job for over a year and I was SO happy for him when he got hired by one of my clients. That really motivates me to continue making lots of placements.”

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