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On Tackling Challenges and Seizing Opportunities: James Woodman's Cenk Tezcan

3 months ago #Fun

Cenk Tezcan works as Associate Manager of FSM Group’s Finance brand, James Woodman, in Amsterdam.  James Woodman is a recruitment consultancy specialised in matching the best financial talents available with a variety of positions within the fiduciary, accounting, controlling, audit and banking/insurance sectors.  You can find James Woodman’s offices in 6 locations, including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Luxembourg and Frankfurt. 

Having started as a Recruitment Consultant at FSM Group in August of 2015, Cenk has been in the company for 4 years; spending 1 year 3 months of that time as Associate Manager.

Since Cenk joined FSM Group, he has always worked on Finance profiles within the sector of Controlling.  Each of our consultants at FSM Group specialises in a specific market in order to become an expert within that sector and to best serve clients and candidates.  Cenk thoroughly enjoys the job and all that comes with it.  He is constantly on the lookout for his next challenge to tackle.  At the moment, besides his focus on matching suitable candidates to the open job positions he is tasked with, Cenk is fully committed to ensuring that his consultants in Amsterdam have the best environment to learn and grow.

“The greatest challenge about being an Associate Manager?  Well, there are a couple.  Next to making results, I also focus on creating successful Recruitment Consultants in my team.  These two things are the greatest challenges I face being Associate Manager for James Woodman in Amsterdam.  Another big challenge is that we are in a different country – in the Netherlands – and I had to build up the office culture from scratch, along with building up the market from zero.  But I enjoy having these challenges!”

Company culture is extremely important to all of us at FSM Group, and we like to see our core values of Fun, Success and Meritocracy executed in daily life at the office.  Check out James Woodman and FSM Group on Instagram to take a peak into our office culture,

Our consultants at FSM Group are given many opportunities to evolve and pave their own way within the company.  Cenk is no stranger to starting from scratch, as he started the James Woodman Ghent office in 2016, and started the office in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2018.  If you think you could be an added value to FSM Group, apply now to become a recruitment consultant for one of our 4 sub brands.

“The most important thing for me is to have a clear goal and a clear ambition of what you really want to achieve in the long term, because in the end that is what will keep you going everyday.  It will keep you going on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  In that way, you will really have something to strive for.  Another big thing is to make the office a place where people want to be.  It’s not about thinking that ‘I am going to work’, but that I am going somewhere where I feel comfortable, feel good about what I do, and have an overall nice environment.  For me this is more than a job, it is a passion.”

What are the next steps for Cenk and the James Woodman brand?

“I want to start a new office in New York, it really is my dream.  I think that if I can get set up there, it would be awesome.  At the same time, I have a really great team here in Amsterdam, so it would be hard to leave them.  However, if an opportunity presents itself you need to grasp it at all times!”

Having expanded into Rotterdam last year with our Engineering recruitment brand, Fuse Engineering, New York is on the radar for James Woodman in 2019.  With Cenk’s entrepreneurial spirit, it is easy to understand why he can see challenges as opportunities at all times - and from his experience, being brave enough to take risks pays off!