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On Big Opportunities at FSM, with Olivier Vanhille

4 months ago #Success

Olivier Vanhille has been with us at FSM Group for 5 years now. The Regional Manager of Fuse Engineering always possesses a contagious positive attitude and words of encouragement for his colleagues. Our Engineering brand (Fuse Engineering) is largely the result of Oli’s hard work and vision.

What has Oli accomplished since arriving at FSM?

“During my first two years here, I learned my trade working for James Woodman, FSM Group's brand of Finance Recruitment. I became a Senior and then started up the Engineering recruitment brand with one other Senior Recruitment Consultant. The two of us started completely from scratch.”

Oli was able to grasp a huge opportunity at FSM Group by opening his own brand within the group! Are you ambitious like Oli? We want you to join us.

“Fast forward a few years and I am proud of the 5 offices Fuse Engineering has now, which is also a result of the hard work from my many dedicated Consultants who come into the office every day to create something great. We have created a lot of jobs and also found many new careers for engineers!”

How did it feel starting early on in the company?

“When I began, we were only 25-30 people working. You could really feel the energy and the drive. When I spoke to our Managing Director about the company I could feel the dynamism. Since then, FSM Group has given so many opportunities to so many people."

What made you join the Recruitment Field in the first place?

"The reason why I joined is because I could feel that the people in the company really wanted to go somewhere. There was a huge feeling of ambition. For me, all the dreams I had when I started eventually turned into reality, something I’m grateful for every day.”

Oli became Regional Manager at the end of 2017 and is currently responsible for Fuse Engineering Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam. 

“My main responsibility is to create amazing Recruitment Consultants. I want to create successful teams – success in terms of results, because results are the most important part of our business. I also want to create a fun and thrilling job for my Consultants… something exciting that people will want to step into and be a part of.”

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Looking back, what is Oli most proud of at FSM Group?

“I know that I made the right decision by joining 5 years ago because here, you have a defined career path, which is really special. I was able to grasp an opportunity when it presented itself. Previously we did not have an Engineering sector and I saw it as a chance to develop and achieve a new goal. The fact that I had this opportunity in the first place is what I love most about our company.”