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Noro Zerafi: Back for Another Piece of the Pie

3 weeks ago #Success

Noro has an interesting past with FSM Group. He is the newest recruitment consultant to join our brand of executive recruitment LEDR Executive Solutions, but he is no stranger to recruitment or working with LEDR Brand Manager Costa Spadaro. 

Noro, give us some insight into your past with FSM Group.

“In 2014, my friend referred me to what was Blake & Partners at the time. He asked if I wanted to work in a company where the atmosphere is great and the people are driven. I sent my CV and interviewed the morning after. That was a Friday and I started on the following Monday."

“I joined the team in Luxembourg where Costa was my mentor and taught me everything I know about recruitment. Before that, I had no experience in the industry. When I met David, the MD, I felt this energy about sales. He told me ‘I think you have the potential to do something great’ and that stuck with me.”

What happened between your initial start at FSM Group and now?
My goal was to reach all targets and earn a lot of money for my personal projects. I worked as a junior for about 11 months. Within this period I hit the car target, went on Lunch Clubs, was promoted as a Senior and last but not least went to the Super Trip in VEGAS! Costa went to Brussels and I stayed in Luxembourg with a junior for another year. I ended up leaving and working for a consulting company focused on contracts for 4 years, but Costa and I always kept in touch.”

How did you decide to come back to our group?
“Costa and I have a great relationship. He taught me everything and I’m grateful for that. We still met up after I left Blake & Partners and I realised I had achieved everything I wanted in my job and knew it was time to come back to where the story started. Costa told me that he had an open position in LEDR and asked if I wanted to come back. I knew it was the right moment to join the team of the best biller of the Group and the first millionaire of FSM.”

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Is your impression of the company different now compared to all those years ago?
“I can see that the roots of the company are still there but it has evolved a lot, the major part of the top billers that were working with me are now Manager or Brand Manager and this is Meritocracy. The first day back I had induction which was new for me. You can see that the company is growing, implementing new ways of working and offering more incentives. I am positive that FSM will grow more and more and give more back to the consultant.”

Do you have a new goal this time around?
“What I love about working here is that within FSM Group, you get a part of the pie. You get your own money, you make your company grow and you get something in return. I have set up new personal projects so I want to earn money here to help me reach them. It’s good to be back and be trusted in the family again!”

We are happy to have Noro back and we want you reading this to join our group as well!

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