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Natasha De Bleser: Competing With Herself

1 year ago #Success

“I always try to overachieve – when I create a competition with myself, it’s the one that I want to win the most!”


Natasha De Bleser has a determined spirit, hungry to be the best. It’s no surprise that her strong drive has led her to become Associate Manager of James Woodman Antwerp. With a multi-faceted background, how did she get on the path towards sales?

“I was studying Insurance and I needed to do an internship, but I didn’t want to do something typical; I wanted to be part of something exciting. I became an intern here in October 2016 and I signed my contract in December. When I first entered the Ghent office it was intriguing to see how consultants were making deals and constantly negotiating. In my mind it was necessary to become one of the best recruiters too, to grow and see where it could go.”

What was the moment when she discovered her sales talent?

I graduated with a diploma in Insurance, Banking, Finance and Real Estate. Related to Real Estate, I had one course which was Sales Technique and that was my best score ever. I received 19/20. The final exam was how to convince your candidate to buy whatever you’re offering. My teacher told me that I must do something with my sales talent because I was very fluent in selling.”


Was she convinced right away that recruitment was something suitable for her?

“I told myself that I could excel in this job and I certainly wanted to see how far I could get because I constantly push myself to achieve the best. I proved it to myself when, after being a recruitment consultant for 6 months, I was able to bill 150K.”

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Was it always a goal to become a Manager? How does she describe her style of management?

“As I always challenge myself, I wanted to prove that if I could excel in recruitment, I could also train others. My team is inspired by how I still get very excited when I have a good candidate. They like the urgency and my enthusiastic personality, so I try to burst with energy and let my dynamism show through. If things are difficult, I always grab their hand and let them know that they can count on me.”

What are her biggest accomplishments at FSM Group so far?

“My standout achievement was that I made my first deal within 10 days. At the moment, I’m really proud to see what my team is achieving and that they are growing into strong individuals personally and professionally. I’m really happy to see that they are achieving their goals because that shows me that I’m doing the right thing in my career.”


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