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Moving Countries to Join FSM Group

4 months ago #Success

Have you ever moved to another country for a new job? Lydia Goumeziane is originally from France. She now works in Luxembourg where she has been since December of 2018, solely for the job of Recruitment Consultant at Fuse Engineering.

“It’s my first experience in Luxembourg, says Lydia. When asked what enticed her to move countries, she states that she was so motivated to join our group that the move to Luxembourg was easy.

“I was not contacted by any internal recruiter from FSM Group; I saw the job online and applied. I knew it was a great opportunity for me.”

What did Lydia do in France before taking up her new role in Luxembourg?

“I graduated with a Masters degree in Management and Business Strategy in France. I previously worked in sales as I was a real estate agent. Because of this, I was already used to working with both consumers and clients and selling, so I had a good foundation before starting at Fuse Engineering.”

If she had to choose between the two, which one does she prefer and why?

“Recruitment wins, hands down. When you are a real estate agent you work alone. You don’t have a team or a sales floor. It's not the same. The fact that I am part of a team now really keeps me motivated. The power of the sales floor is amazing – I learn so much and it makes this job a lot of fun!”  

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It is clear that recruitment is a great fit for Lydia who has now made many placements! For all of Lydia’s hard work, she went on her first Lunch Club in July. Lunch Club is the incentive where our hardworking consultants get to go to a Michelin star restaurant for lunch. 

“Lunch club was very nice! We had the opportunity to try many different dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very beautiful. It was an excellent experience that I aim to achieve many more times.”

Can she explain her impression of the job from when she started in December versus how she feels today?

“I see a big difference from when I started until now because I am more confident in my job. Thanks to the training, I’ve learned a lot about sales. My Manager is very helpful and the element of working with a team is great because we can share experience and advice.”

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