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Meet our new Brand Manager of EyeTech Solutions Contract

1 year ago #Success

For Elie, moving slowly is the same as standing still.

Our new Brand Manager of EyeTech Solutions Contract is always looking ahead with evolution on his mind. EyeTech Solutions Contract is our brand of IT Recruitment which deals with freelance profiles.

FSM Group is happy to have Elie as part of our family, having come to us from our competition when he felt like something was missing. 


Elie, what kind of professional past experience do you have?

“13 years ago, I began my career at a different recruitment company after finishing a master in applied economics. I wanted to be in wealth management, but someone I knew told me about the company culture of young, driven people who knew how to have fun in the recruitment sector. My plan was to stay 2-3 years but I made it a career: trainee consultant, leader of IT Contract in Belgium, and later I had the opportunity to launch a new brand."

Why leave the market leader for the competition and join us at FSM?

"When you are a Senior profile in a company and you’re not aligned with the top management on business strategy, it’s time to leave. I am focused on growth and I need that to be part of the culture, which is what I found at FSM Group.”


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“Here I am today – super excited because at FSM, I find the philosophy and culture that I had at my previous employer when I first started but had gotten lost along the way. The young, driven people; this corporate atmosphere which combines fun and having social relationships outside of work is exciting. On my second day here I thought of a new idea; I told our Managing Director, and he said ‘Good point, make it happen.’ The ability to make things happen quickly at FSM Group is a big positive.”


How will you make an impact at FSM Group?

“I truly believe that we have a really good base here at EyeTech Contract. I'll make a big impact by scaling up and focusing on a few key elements. I'm focusing on two things: developing the consultants I currently have/growing existing teams, and parallel to that, planning to develop 1 new office. The combination of both of these tasks will drive success.”


What makes you the best person for the job?

Look ahead, speak the truth and act firmly is a motto that drives me in life. Look towards the future and whatever you say, execute it. Follow through. This is how I am, and it’s the way I will continue here at FSM Group. Based on my experience, I am confident that I will bring a lot of input, help my teams and pass on knowledge as someone who is always one step ahead.”



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