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Meet Our #1 Consultant of 2020, Nicolas Hamon

2 years ago #Success

Nothing stood in the way of Nicolas Hamon of EyeTech Solutions Contract in 2020. With a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and his eye continuously on the prize, he ultimately became the top biller of the year!

What drives our #1 consultant?


Describe your start at FSM Group. What attracted you to join the company?

"I was fresh out of law school when my friend recommended FSM Group. I knew I wanted a dynamic environment/career (not as boring as being a lawyer) which seemed to be the case at FSM, so I went for an interview. Also, I heard it was a great way to make good money if you perform, so I jumped at the chance."
Did you always have an interest or a natural ability to be a good salesperson?

"I used to have sales jobs while studying so I had a bit of past experience, but I also think that without even realising it, we are selling something to someone every single day (at university, in relationships, etc.) I think a lot of people have this ability, they just need to get in tune with it."

You are the top biller of 2020! What do you do to remain successful?

"I believe to be successful, you need to be FOCUSSED (borderline obsessed), WORK HARD and SMART, and be POSITIVE -- but most importantly, be confident enough to BELIEVE in your future success. This is what I really tried to do this year and since it worked, I am going to keep on doing it." 


Our top biller of the year at FSM Group is rewarded a Rolex for their efforts! What does winning the Rolex mean to you?

"Of course it is amazing, but more than that, it actually allows me to see that I am capable to reach my own target (and even more) and aim for excellence, because it takes a lot to be the 1st out of a company such as ours with so many ambitious people."

What are the next steps for you at EyeTech Solutions Contract/FSM Group?

"The next steps are to keep learning every day like I've been doing, which is the only way to continue being successful. Plus, I would like to conquer the contract IT market in Belgium and more. I think my options are limitless - by applying my philosophy as mentioned earlier, I'm confident that I can achieve anything I will set my mind to."


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