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Max Hamers: Graduate to FSM Group High Achiever

6 months ago #Success

Energetic and enthusiastic are two words that sum up Max Hamers' personality. The genuine excitement for his job as Recruitment Consultant at James Woodman Amsterdam plays a big role in his 15 placements since he became hands-on merely 5 months ago.

“I think I’m one of the youngest in the whole company. I’m only 21. This is my first job coming out of school. I have a degree in building engineering and I was going to continue studying commercial economics, but I decided to stop and look for a job instead.”

After deciding to stop studying for his 2nd degree, why did Max turn to recruitment?

“I started looking online and I saw an advertisement for FSM Group. I saw how much you could earn – I remember reading about the Rolex incentive and I was super curious! I actually remember sending a Snapchat to my friends of the job description and saying ‘What’s this all about?!’ I applied immediately.”

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Why sales?

I never previously thought about sales but I was always an entrepreneur. It’s similar because now I have my own little business inside of James Woodman.”

With 15 placements comes some reward of course. What have you earned here at FSM Group?

“I hit my Rollover (bill at least 100K in a quarter and get 10% of the
amount invoiced over 70K), I went on Lunch Club (lunch at a Michelin star restaurant) and I’m the first consultant to get the Vespa target! Now I have two vespas. [Laughs] I can match them with my suits on the way to the office everyday.”

Did he discover some hidden skills that helped him get started in recruitment?

“The thing that makes me special is that I have quite an Amsterdam accent. The region I work on is South Holland so nobody there is really speaking like me. I’m also very active when I’m talking and I discovered that my clients really like this. They remember me easily. That makes me unique and it creates a good relationship from the start.”