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Maurits van den Heuvel: No Hesitations

5 months ago #Success
“From the start, I really liked the FSM culture and the people. It feels great to be a part of this family. My team in Rotterdam is awesome and that energy keeps me going everyday.”

Maurits joined Fuse Engineering in February of this year - in fact, he left his first sales job in order to join FSM Group. Having been here for a few months now, Maurits discusses the mindset needed to thrive in recruitment along with the incentives that he's aiming for this year.

What was his prior work experience?

“I was working in sales for a construction company in Berlin to get some international experience. After 7 months there, I came into contact with one of the internal recruiters for FSM Group. I was really attracted to the culture and wanted to be a part of it. In January, I came back to Rotterdam and started at Fuse just after.”

Why did he go to Berlin for work in the first place?

“I originally found the job opportunity online. I had always wanted to work in sales and to spend some time in Berlin, so it was a good way to combine both. I just went for it. It was a great first experience in the sector.”

How did he discover that he was a good salesperson?

I was bringing in a lot of projects for the company in Berlin and I was always within the top of the people who billed. That’s how I knew I had talent in the sector. Sales was always something interesting for me - I love the commissions!”

What incentive is he aiming for?

“We’ve won the Office Target (one of our monthly incentives) as a team. I’m looking forward to growing with the group. Last month I had my first big commission which was really encouraging. My goal before the end of the year is definitely Lunch Club, our Michelin star restaurant reward. Personally, the Lunch Club is my favourite incentive – I love good food so it’s really motivating me!”

Check out our Instagram page to see many photos of our incentives!

What advice would he give someone new in the recruitment world?

“Stay focused. Focus is the most important thing. You need to be dedicated. Give yourself a pattern and routine to follow everyday. Pick up the phone, don’t hesitate - just do it!”

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