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Mattias Bills 1 Million Euros!

2 weeks ago #Success

This is the second spotlight of Mattias Van Duyse - in 2018 he won the Rolex incentive and to start this year, he made his 1 MILLION EURO deal! Nothing can stop him!

How does it feel to be the first millionaire biller in Fuse Engineering?

"I’m feeling very proud! When I was hired for this job I thanked David for giving me this fantastic opportunity. His reply was 'No problem, but now it’s your time to make both of us some money!' At this point, I'm extremely glad and proud that I didn’t let him down and achieved this amazing goal for myself and for the company that gave me this chance."

Was this one of your top goals?

"I think it`s really important to have goals in this job. You start every month with the mindset and goal to achieve Lunch Club. When you win this incentive a couple of times, you come close to achieving the bigger incentives like the Car Targets. Before you know it, you’re close to billing a million. At first, I didn’t think it was possible, but by achieving the little incentives the belief to bill a million grew stronger and became the main target."

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Looking back on everything that led you to this point, how do you feel about your choice of working in recruitment?

"I'm extremely glad that I chose this line of work because I've already had so much fun with my colleagues and incentives in this young and dynamic environment. I can pay off my house faster with this job than most others and now I’m actually starting to look for a second apartment."

What is your next target?

"It’s my goal to achieve every possible incentive here. This means the Mystery Trip, fourth Car Target and the Super Lunch Club are still left to achieve. My main focus will be on the fourth Car Target and by going for this one, I hope to achieve both other incentives too."

Obviously you a very skilled recruiter. Do you have some tips for how you will continue billing while working remotely during this time? 

"I think the main focus should be on finding the companies that are still hiring through virtual methods because there are a lot of them. Put your focus on this job and find the right candidate. By working and searching harder, you will improve your chances. Keep working hard everyone!"


Great work Mattias and a big congratulations on achieving this milestone! We are excited to see what you will do next.