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Making the link Between Professional Cycling & Recruitment, from Brecht Dhaene

11 months ago #Fun

Working hard at the James Woodman office in Ghent is Brecht Dhaene – a Senior Recruitment Consultant who has been part of the FSM Group family for 1 year.  James Woodman is the division of FSM group which specialises in recruitment within the financial sector, focusing on fiduciary, accounting, controlling, audit and banking/insurance positions. 

Brecht became a Senior Consultant last month, and it has only inspired him to be more focused and driven to reach his next goal.  Something unique to Brecht is that he was a professional cyclist before joining FSM Group.

Having turned pro in 2014 and racing throughout North America and Flanders, Brecht is a high achiever when it comes to his sport.  Is there a correlation between cycling and sales within the field of recruitment which helps him to achieve such high results at work?

“There is a big connection, especially in terms of targets.  For cycling, if I need to be in my best shape for the 1st of May, I need to start training by the 1st of November because it takes time to get where I need to be.  I break it up into separate weeks and then down into days, and I work towards my big goal by setting intermediate goals.  I first get myself on track by setting and hitting these intermediate goals, in order to get myself ready for the ultimate goal.”

How does this relate to his job as a sales consultant?

“If you want to reach something like your Senior title, you need to break things down in the same way.  It will help you to know when you need to find a candidate, and exactly what you need to do to make that happen.  When you break down your time, you set your own targets, and that is how you move forward and see your own progress.” 

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At FSM Group, we put an emphasis on sales as part of the job of a recruitment consultant.  Brecht speaks about sales with the same enthusiasm as he does when discussing his professional sports career.  Naturally, there is an element of competitiveness that is present in sports which also helps Brecht in sales, along with the ups and downs that come with both activities.

“You can put so much energy into the process of a race or placing a candidate, and sometimes you can end up with no result – but that’s life.  Thanks to my cycling, I have this mindset when I am near the finish line.  When I’m in the final and I can “taste” the win, there is something in my head that clicks.  It's like tunnel vision.  I know exactly what to do and when I need to do it.  A lot of things depend on timing in cycling and recruitment alike.”

What does a day in the life for Brecht look like before he goes into work everyday?

“When I wake up I am in my routine – first and foremost I have my coffee and I am already anticipating how the day is going to be and what needs to be accomplished.  I think that whether you’re sipping your espresso or driving in your car, by visually picturing your entire day and how it will play out, you will be ready for whatever you need to do.  You will be more keen to meet your goal.”

Having worked a lot on the Controlling market in East and West Flanders, Brecht is still enthusiastic about his job and learning everyday.  If you would like to learn more about life at FSM Group, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  To view all open positions available in finance, check out James Woodman’s website.