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Lessons Learned about Resilience in the Workplace

5 months ago #Success

Within the past few months, we've all had to undergo a test of resilience. Working from home helped us uncover the most important aspects for resilience and we carry them over to the office every day.


Having a Clear Purpose


At FSM Group we are always focused on our next goal. Without goals, your efforts are futile. Take it from our recruitment consultants themselves. Keeping a focus on goals gives you a purpose every day and sets out a path on how to realise those goals.


Human Touches


Being connected with colleagues is very important in helping you keep up your drive and keep you resilient in the face of failure. At the office, we work in an open space with the ability to socialise and learn from colleagues. Motivation from each other plays a big part in success.


The Thirst to do Better


We are never satisfied with being satisfactory. The thirst to learn something new and to streamline your processes, work efficiently and learn new skills is ever-present in the face of being resilient and becoming the best. 


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