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Jeanne Gaspar: "The World Belongs to Those who Persevere"

5 months ago #Success

Jeanne Gaspar has been working at James Woodman Amsterdam since its opening in January 2018. Starting as a Corporate Recruiter in early 2017, Jeanne later made the switch from FSM Consultant to specialising in Financial profiles at James Woodman. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to her work and has great advice to offer other Consultants in regards to seizing opportunities and following their ambition. Thinking of beginning your career with us? Apply now!

“I started in Corporate Recruitment, looking for new employees for our company, but later made the switch to sales. The FSM Academy Sales Trainers were explaining the job and all of the incentives that come with it and I knew that I wanted be a part of that as well. Additionally, I always knew that I wanted to go to Amsterdam because I think it’s an amazing city with a lot of opportunities. When things were moving forward and the James Woodman Amsterdam office was opening, I had to be a part of it.”

For Jeanne, what is the best part of being a Recruitment Consultant?

“The most exciting aspect of this job is the 'closing' part. You can feel the moment when your candidate is going to accept the offer. What I like about working here is that you’re in charge of the process from the very beginning. You manage the whole progression; everything is in your own hands, so you can feel exactly where it is going.”

What kind of attitude is absolutely vital in order to succeed in sales?

“Mindset is everything. Resilience, persistence, and being able to retrieve your motivation every time you're down are all crucial elements. Fall 7 times and stand up 8! A wise man once said: ‘The world belongs to those who persevere’ – I live by this quote, I even have it written down in my phone. It really inspires me because you have to be strong, keep going and believe in yourself.”

With her experience, is there some insight Jeanne can share for trainees just starting out on how to make a difference?

“We hired you for a reason. Show your personality, don't be boring, smile and dial because enthusiasm sells! In this job, you have to be the one they will remember. You need to convince people to work with you and make them believe that you're the best. Sell or be sold. Every call needs to be a sales call where you convince, sell and close. Be yourself and above everything else, think big! Don't be afraid to dream and aim high; that is what will get you through the roller coaster.”