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How to Rise Above the Competition: Tanguy Pensaert

10 months ago #Success

Tanguy is sharp and focused. Starting at Fuse Engineering just over a year ago, he has a routine figured out that works well for him and led him to success in a short time. Let’s take a deeper look at his mindset and how he differentiates himself from his competition.


Could you please describe how you got involved with FSM Group?

"Actually, I was the perfect example of a hot candidate. Internal recruitment contacted me via LinkedIn just when I had made the decision that it was time for a career switch. They told me about FSM's values and I immediately saw myself in this, on a personal level as well as professional. I took the leap into the deep end and I’m very happy I did. The opportunities FSM creates for me on a daily basis drive me to be a better salesperson.”

So before starting at FSM Group, did you already consider yourself a salesperson?

Before I embarked on this challenge, I had already spent about two years as a sales executive at a start-up in Wallonia.  For me, sales is a daily challenge that I definitely enjoy taking on. The thrill of performing, bringing in a load of money and pushing myself every time to do better is necessary to keep up my drive.”

Can you describe some of your biggest accomplishments so far?

I had set myself two goals at the start of this adventure: to become a Consultant and Principal within a year. I am proud to have been able to achieve this, and it only gives me more energy to keep going. Next challenge: Expert role. Also achieving the Mercedes CLA target and earning big commissions gave me great pleasure, of course!” 

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Why does sales make a good career choice in your opinion?

First of all, There are very few careers that offer the income potential that sales careers offer - in fact, it has unlimited potential. Also, in sales you get the opportunity to continuously improve and develop your skills: every day is different, every lead is different, and that makes you as a person enormously flexible and easily adaptable to unexpected situations."


You are certainly on the right path by choosing to be in sales! You also did very well during the lockdown period. What kept you motivated?

For me, I saw the lockdown period as an opportunity, as most of my competitors were at home doing nothing. I wanted to make the most of that period to make as many deals as possible and to get as much market share as possible. I knew that by working extra hard I would be able to get a lot of results.”


When we share this on social media, there will be some people reading it who are debating a sales career or thinking about how they can improve. What advice would you give them?

Smart work beats hard work. Always try to make the best use of your time to perform as much as possible. If candidates or clients want to call you in the evening or at night, so be it. A 9-5 mentality really doesn't fit in our job if you want to be the best. If you want to perform, you have to make sacrifices. 

Also, perform day in, day out and always be on top of your game. A bad day can completely crush your result for the month. Every day is an opportunity to prove yourself again and to outperform the last. 

Lastly, don’t just to the job to make your superiors happy. Don’t just achieve the KPI’s because you have to on a weekly basis. Crush the KPI’s, crush the results, and the rest will follow.”


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