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How to Manage a Team and Remain a Top Biller

8 months ago #Success

In the recruitment world, being a top biller is an important priority in order to thrive and earn as much commission as possible. As successful consultants climb to the highest level in the company, they often seek out their next challenge: coaching others to become just as prosperous. Suddenly their responsibilities are stretched as they need to focus on maintaining their own deals while aiding their juniors in reaching new heights.

What does it take to successfully manage a team whilst still remaining a top biller?


1. Continue doing what you do best

As a top biller, you’ve been put in this management position because you know what it takes to be the best. 

Leading by example is an efficient way to convey your work habits and ethics to your team. Do not get intimidated by the idea of leading a pack - simply continue showing them the way that you work so that they can pick up on your successful methods. 

At FSM Group, we work in an open space to be able to continuously listen and learn from each other. 


2. Be supportive, not nitpicky

One sure way to create annoyance in your team is to over-analyse and nitpick their every move. Yes, you lead by example, but you cannot expect your juniors to follow the exact same habits as you do in your work - at least not right away. 

Take a step back and analyse what your consultants are doing individually to see what works and what does not. 

Micromanagement is the bane of the management world! It will stress out your consultants, they will feel uncomfortable and ultimately productivity will go down. However, it is important to take control when you feel like someone is doing something wrong. After all, your job is to ensure that they are prospering in order to meet your new targets.


3. Set time aside to focus on yourself

Devoting yourself to your team does not mean ignoring your own priorities. 

Managing a team means dedicating a certain amount of time towards guiding them in the right direction. On the other hand, if you spend all of your time focused on the team, your personal results will inevitably slip. When you first begin managing others, it’s important to create a clear daily structure to define the way you will work together. This will take time, but it is necessary in order to create a strong foundation to build upon. 

Dedicate a decent amount of time at the start to get to know your team, but make sure that you are reserving a good part of your day to manage follow-up with your own clients and candidates. Focusing on your own work is still a way of training your consultants as they watch and learn from your example. 


At FSM Group, our managers undergo routine trainings from our FSM Academy in order to be the best leaders possible. Join our team and take your sales talent to the next level!