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How Recruitment Differs from HR: Tania's Experience

7 months ago #Success

This is Tania Luwawu. She has worked for nearly a year and a half at James Woodman Luxembourg, occupied with accounting and controlling profiles. Going from an HR background to a commission-earning machine, Tania describes why she is more fit for recruitment with a sales mindset. She also reveals her favourite moment working at FSM Group so far.

“Many people mistake recruitment for HR, but it is much different. Recruitment is more dynamic and you have the chance to earn more. In HR you do a lot of administration tasks, it’s really not as energetic. At James Woodman, everything is constantly changing – each morning is not the same as the last.”

James Woodman is our brand of finance recruitment. Want to learn more about this brand? Check out James Woodman here. You can apply to be part of one of our brands on our open job page!

Did she have previous experience in sales that made her confident for recruitment?

“Never! This is my first experience working in sales. I loved the idea of taking on something new and I also wanted to work more with people. That was very attractive to me. I have a background of hotel management. Sales is quite the change.”

What traits does she have which made her think she would prosper in sales?

“I like to think outside the box, so I knew I would make a good salesperson by approaching people differently. Of course, there was an element of challenge involved because I had never been in sales before. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it which ended up being my motivation.”

Recruitment can be stressful; like any sales job, you have targets and goals that you need to consistently hit. In the summer months it can be even more stressful considering many people are not looking for a job at the moment. How does Tania keep hitting her targets in the summer?

“Recruitment in the summer means that each day will be very unexpected, you need to keep fighting and get the motivation to do the best you can do in the month. Urgency is a big part of working at James Woodman. You need to be straight to the point. It’s the only way to earn the exclusivity with the client or candidate.”

She has had many successes so far working as a recruitment consultant at James Woodman. Is there a special moment she can tell us about?

“A highlight moment that stands out to me in my career was my first Lunch Club. Lunch Club is the special experience you can achieve by hitting your target. You get to take a Friday afternoon off of work and eat a Michelin star lunch with your manager and the others who hit their targets. I went with my Brand Manager and he chose a specific restaurant because it had a selection of red wine (which I love)! It was just wonderful. It meant a lot to me that he precisely chose a restaurant because he knew I’d like it. That made the experience special for me.”

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