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Geoffrey Flumens: Discovering His Sales Talent

9 months ago #Success

Geoffrey joined James Woodman Antwerp exactly one year ago. Looking back on his time at James Woodman, he recalls highlights such as a triple deal in one day and Lunch Club with his brand manager, exuding confidence that sales is exactly what he was meant to do.

How did he find out that sales was suitable for him?

“Before coming here, I was a Sales Advisor at a telecommunications company for three years in a row. During the initial interviews for that job, I realised I’m a very fluent speaker. I’m also very friendly, kind and I get along well with clients. It was just after my first month when I reached the targets that were set for me. I got the recognition at that company for 'Salesperson of the Year'. In a place with over 150 people, receiving the first prize really said a lot.”

What made him decide to leave his previous job and begin recruiting?

“During the three years, it seemed like I had already seen everything there. There was no possibility to grow anymore. The sales targets were becoming less important and the focus was more on administration work. When the sales part became less significant, it wasn’t interesting for me. The commission system changed and the payments were quite low. It was the moment for me to find something better.”

What was the most important aspect that was missing?

“It was really important for me to have recognition. When you’re doing sales, you are reaching over the targets as high as you can and doing your best, so you should earn something from this - which is what FSM provided.”

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What kind of rewards has he earned?

“I’ve been on Lunch Club (our Michelin star lunch incentive), my team has won many office target team building prizes and I’ve had Employee of the Month a few times as well. I reached 134k billed within my first 5 months which was quite high and now I’m only 40k away from earning my Senior title! What’s really important for me is the next thing: my Senior title and I’m also going for the 2nd car target before the end of November.”

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