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Fuse Engineering's Lisa Willems: Her Unique Experience Within FSM Group

11 months ago #Fun

Having recently become Team Leader of our Engineering recruitment brand, Fuse Engineering, Lisa Willems started at FSM Group in December 2016 and has had an interesting evolution within our company.  With the chance to experience both the job of a Consultant and that of a Sales Trainer in our FSM Academy, she has unique knowledge which she carries with her to her new role. 

“I first started as a Consultant at [our Finance recruitment brand] James Woodman. I enjoyed working as a Consultant for James Woodman, but then I had the chance to become a sales trainer with the FSM Academy – I did that for about 8 months.  It was great to be able to help develop trainings for the entire company.  Recently, a new opportunity presented itself and now I am team leader of Fuse Engineering in Antwerp.”

At FSM Group, we have our very own FSM Academy which consists of a group of Sales Trainers whose main priority is to develop and give training sessions to our Consultants. The FSM Academy carries with them the knowledge of over 30 years of experience in sales, ensuring that our Consultants (Trainee and Senior) receive the best training to excel at their job!

Going from Sales Trainer to Team Leader is a big jump.  Does her experience as a Sales Trainer aid her in leading a team?

“It has definitely given me more vision and overview of what the job is all about.  I can now anticipate different characters, because in the training sessions you are always working on different people. This helps me manage better because I can recognise these personalities and use my knowledge to help them evolve into better Consultants individually.”

As a Team Leader, a top priority for Lisa is to ensure that her Consultants are enjoying their job and performing well, but at the same time she needs to focus on her own business as well and place jobseekers in open positions. Want to join one of our teams here at FSM Group? We are urgently seeking new Consultants! View our open positions here and apply ASAP to get in touch with our internal recruitment team.

It has been a while since Lisa has been recruiting.  Is it intimidating to start again?

“I never thought about it when I was a Sales Trainer, but the moment that I became a Consultant again I was super excited.  I was ecstatic.  I could not wait to start qualifying and talking to clients and candidates again.  I know the job so well because I have given the training so many times.  I am just so excited to start placing candidates again!”

Her excitement is so genuine, it is clear that she truly enjoys the job of being a Consultant and she can see the opportunities that await her.  What does Lisa see in the near future of Fuse Engineering Antwerp?

“My team is very junior and I am excited to see them evolve into Consultants and eventually to Seniors. The immediate goals are to grow my team, to make sure that they enjoy working here, and eventually my goal is to become a manager.  That would be great.  But for the moment I am very happy that I can combine being a Consultant with my experience of being a trainer – it really is the best of both worlds.”

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