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Francesco Delmonte: The Highlights of Recruitment at FSM Group

3 months ago #Meritocracy

Francesco joined FSM Group in January 2018 as member of our high-profile brand, LEDR Executive Solutions. LEDR Executive Solutions is a high-level recruitment consultancy bringing together executive profiles with ambitious companies. Francesco currently works at LEDR Luxembourg and has been a Team Leader since the beginning of this year.

What qualities does Francesco possess that enabled him to evolve to Team Leader?

“My promotion was due to a combination of both my attitude and my results. I worked on the set up of a large LEDR team in Luxembourg and I believe I was promoted because the company noticed that I became a true LEDR ambassador and that I am certainly able to create other successful Sales Consultants. As a Team Leader, it is important for me to focus on my own results as well as the overall success of the entire team.”

At FSM Group, we give our Recruitment Consultants a clear career path and an opportunity to evolve from Trainee Consultant to Manager. Francesco is one of many who has been consistently seizing these opportunities within our company. Become our next Recruitment Consultant! Apply now and one of our internal recruiters will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why does Francesco enjoy working at LEDR Executive Solutions?

“It’s great to work with executive profiles – my candidates are the decision makers of the most important financial entities in Luxembourg and I know they have what it takes to concretely make a  difference.  In regards to our group and about recruitment in general, I believe that the most important thing is that is all about creating a high quality match between a client and candidate. It is extremely important for me to find my clients the best employees, and for my seeking candidates to find their dream job.”

According to Francesco, why work in the recruitment industry?

“Working in recruitment is great for me because I am a people person: I love talking with people and being in constant contact with others. Combining sales with human interaction and a business mindset is just the perfect combination for me. I could give over 1000 reasons why recruitment is the best industry ever.”