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Enthusiasm, Urgency, and Other Key Traits for Management from Constantin Spadaro

3 months ago #Success

“It is important that you have someone who is positive even in the worst of times, who keeps on smiling and pushes the team further.  That is my main role.  To lead, to set a great example and to bring the enthusiasm.”

LEDR Executive Solutions’ very own Constantin Spadaro discusses his journey with FSM Group, which begun 6 years ago in 2013.  Having the chance to begin at FSM Group close to the start, Costa has had many opportunities to pioneer his own path within the company, and has the stories to tell to go along with it.  With all of his experience, we wanted to discover his development within FSM Group. 

Costa is currently an Associate Manager for LEDR Executive Solutions.  LEDR Executive Solutions is FSM Group’s sub brand which focuses on placing executive profiles with ambitious companies.  He started at FSM Group in Luxembourg as a Junior Consultant, and was promoted to Senior Consultant, specialising in the Banking and Asset Management sector.  All consultants at FSM Group specialise in a specific sector.  After spending some time in Luxembourg, he longed to come back and work from Brussels.  Upon his return, he seized the opportunity to open up the Banking patch in Brussels.

“I started the Banking patch in Brussels and everything was going well.  Our Managing Director came to me and said, ‘Why not start something new?’ – that ‘something new’ ended up being LEDR, the executive brand of the group.  I accepted the challenge and I knew it was going to be a very interesting one.  That was the start of LEDR Executive Solutions.”

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What did the beginnings of LEDR entail?

“We started LEDR Executive Solutions in Belgium, but I had the idea to start it in Luxembourg as well because I had many connections from working there previously.  I became Brand Manager of LEDR, but after a while I was missing the operational aspect of the job.  I wanted to come back and make placements, because at the end of the day, I love the nature of the job which is placing candidates.  We made a decision that I would become Associate Manager for LEDR Belgium.” 

In this way, Costa can still be hands-on and place candidates which is a process that he loves being a part of.

Costa is very energetic and passionate when he speaks about his brand; it is a contagious attitude.  What mindset does he have when it comes to managing his team in Brussels?

“Every manager has a different personality and mindset, and for me the most important thing is to set an example for the team in terms of attitude and results.  The most important thing for me is to bring the enthusiasm in the team, constantly!  No matter what happens, I am always smiling and being energetic, and always pushing people to become the best!  This is very important in sales because you have many ups and downs.”

Is there a motto that LEDR Belgium sticks to?

“There is something I always say to my team: there are two values that, to me, are core values in LEDR.  I want them to be the most enthusiastic and more urgent.  I want to always see them with a smile, being positive, and being there for their clients and candidates – because at the end of the day, clients and candidates aren’t just working with brands, they are working with people.  In order to sell yourself to them you need to be always enthusiastic and positive.”

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