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Elliot Cohen: Selling is an Art

5 months ago #Success

Elliot started working at FSM Group last year, starting his recruitment career as his first job out of school. He originally studied political science but was convinced to try recruitment when he saw how much you could earn in the world of sales. Now, his passion for sales can be heard as he speaks about his experience at EyeTech Solutions Brussels.

“Originally, I met with one of the managers from James Woodman who was looking for a salesperson, but it was not something that interested me a lot. To convince me, he showed me his payslip for the month and it completely changed my perspective.  I was sure that I wanted to work in this type of business and give sales a try.”

How did he end up working at EyeTech Solutions, our IT recruitment sector?

“At the time, James Woodman had no openings so I interviewed with EyeTech. It was an instant match after the first meeting. My team is hungry – we are ready to do anything to make a deal. We are all result-oriented and we have unique personalities. For several people, to sell is a science. For others, to sell is an art. I think at EyeTech Solutions Brussels, we are artists.”

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In his opinion, what makes him a good salesperson?

“First I need to ask myself – how do I define a good salesperson?  To me, it’s someone who has empathy and is hungry for more. You have to be competitive, motivated, resilient, and adaptable in complicated situations. You also have to be ambitious, charming and have a love for earning money. I have all of these qualities and I know that they can be strengthened everyday with more experience.”

What is the most exciting part of making a deal?

“I love hitting the gong because gives me the most adrenaline. I think that FSM Group has managed to create something sacred around this object and it is seen as a symbol of success. It’s also a good way for me to release the pressure of the sales job and celebrate victory.”

What are the next steps for Elliot?

“I want to grow. My next goal is to become a Senior Recruitment Consultant, because this title represents success and excellence for me. I am looking forward to advancing in the company.”

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