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Development and Expansion at FSM: Jordan Halpern's Experience

3 months ago #Success

Having begun his career at FSM Group in 2016, Jordan has been fully engaged at James Woodman, our sub brand for recruiting financial profiles. Going from Trainee to Manager, he has experience with many different job titles and has witnessed the evolution of FSM Group throughout the years.

“Working at FSM Group has changed everything for me. When I started here I was fresh out of university with no idea of what I wanted to do at the time. After getting this job I really felt that I found a career and a way of life that I love, where I can make a very good living, come to work with a smile and foresee a great future.”

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With experience of 3 years and counting within our group, Jordan has had the opportunity to grow simultaneously along with the company. What has that involvement been like?

“There have been so many great changes happening since I’ve started. I see an improvement with our quality of work and results because our strategies have evolved. The expansion has been crazy. One of the biggest changes I’ve witnessed is our development abroad. In addition to our already-established presence within Belgium and Luxembourg, we have offices in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and now New York on the horizon. You can see here, when we talk about expansion, it’s not just words – we really make things happen here and we will just keep growing.”

He has a very positive outlook on the future of FSM Group, knowing that our expansion is just the beginning of more exciting changes to come. Jordan is in charge of the James Woodman Brussels and Frankfurt offices, of which he has similar and separate goals for. 

“For Brussels, I want to keep the basis of a great team and to add onto it, keeping up the same spirit that we already have. I want to find consultants who understand the culture and who want to grow with us. For Frankfurt, I want to show them that we have started something strong in that office and they have all the means to become something great. I want Frankfurt to show that Germany has a big potential and I know we can definitely conquer that market. We are just starting out with Frankfurt, but we will grow.”

Expansion is the name of the game at FSM Group and we are looking for new consultants to join Jordan’s teams! Apply online now to become our next colleague. Are you curious about the FSM Group culture? Check us out on Instagram to get a sneak peak into our company life. 

Looking forward, what is the ultimate goal for Jordan in the 3rd year of his FSM Group career?

“My personal goal is to keep up my drive; keep learning in my Manager role and the same time, showing my team that they can trust me. I can be the person who will lead them in a great direction in their career, develop their potential and help them start an amazing career.”