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Creative Workplace Stress Relievers

7 months ago #Fun

“Stress” and “work” should not be synonymous. Although the ideal workplace situation would be a job without excessive stress, the reality is that this is not always the case. Stress is often thought of as a problem for the employee – but statistics show that workplace stress ends up costing companies billions of dollars per year. It’s time to think outside of the box about workplace stress and how to combat it.

What are the main causes of stress?

Many employees feel stress related to their designated tasks at work, their strict deadlines and discord amongst colleagues. When looking at the stemming reasons from which the stress develops, it is clear to see how ongoing stress will undoubtedly hurt more than just the employee themselves. It is bad for the entire atmosphere and morale of the office, and thus affects the business. Are you feeling ongoing stress in your current position? FSM Group’s core values are Fun, Success and Meritocracy and we’re hiring. Find out more.  

What is already being done?

Free yoga classes or massage sessions by professionals within the office are becoming commonplace as employers realise just how shared this stress is. These methods are thought of as modern and new, and employers that offer these types of mini stress relievers are considered progressive and caring. The efforts are undoubtedly in the right direction. At FSM Group, fun is very important in relieving stress. Check out our Instagram page to see how our group infuses fun into the work day! Can these office stress relief methods go even further?

What about something new?

There are a few big companies thinking outside of the box when it comes to employee wellbeing. You have probably heard about office dogs, but what about an entire office petting zoo? It may sound childish, but it is proven to boost workplace morale and energize employees. There are small companies that operate as mini petting zoo providers for birthday parties who can visit the office as well. It may be worth a try to test the affects.

If animals are not your first choice, this may be a more practical option: a workplace venting station. A big problem with stress within the workplace comes from problems between colleagues. Some of these problems do not get resolved because employees do not feel safe to discuss the problems happening. An anonymous place where people can express their concerns on paper directly to HR can help human resources have a better overview of the work environment.

Google, one of the leading companies for innovation in the workplace, offers mindfulness-focused classes to their employees. What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness offers a few minutes each day to re-concentrate and bring your attention back to the most important thing: your calamity and wellbeing!

If stress is ongoing, it may be time to consider a different position. Learn more about the open jobs at FSM Group and have a first contact with one of our internal recruiters ASAP