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An Interview with FSM Group's Managing Director, David Jacob

11 months ago #Success
"We need to win, and we are winning."

David knows that in order to run a business, you need to believe in growth. He has plans for FSM Group to expand exponentially in the near future in two main directions, while keeping in mind the key factor that makes FSM Group resilient at all times.

This year was unique. Did the business strategy shift at all due to the crisis?  

“The general strategy is through the COVID times is one of cautious optimism; but more fundamentally, we see this as a time of opportunity. Why? If you look at it from a pure business perspective, it’s a disruption on the market and it’s an opportunity to increase our market share, which we are doing. This crisis is going to be over at some point and we’ll still have a larger market share, which is when our growth will be exponential.”

Why do you think FSM Group was able to remain so successful in the last few months?  

“I think the reason why we’re doing well in this period of time is cultural. I strongly believe we have the most robust culture and one that is a lot more adapted to a time of crisis. This is why we’ve done well – for me, I thought ‘whatever happens, we need to continue making sales’, where the strategy of the competition has been to cut costs.”

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We keep gaining momentum as the year continues. What are the next steps?

“We are expanding on all brands, but targeting growth in two main directions: through the contract division and through Germany. Our vision of the company is to offer a total solution for everything linked to staffing. That’s something we want to grow towards for 2025. We are currently strengthening the contract division, which is why we have recently moved over a very promising manager like Natasha to Fuse Engineering Contract and Elie to EyeTech Solutions Contract. We’re also in the process of hiring a very experienced manager to pioneer Germany which will be our next big step.”



There will be huge potential for the contract division to expand further. Do you find that it is attracting other talents to join us?

“We’re at a new stage of growth in our company to attract the competition because we’ve done a great job. To use a football analogy: we’re moving from being Ajax Amsterdam to being Dortmund! What I mean by that is that our main source of Managers is through organic growth which is still the preferred source, but we’re in a position of luxury now where we’re also attracting talent from the competition.”

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To you, what do you think will be the key to keeping FSM Group successful year after year?

“What is massively important is to keep our culture strong. It’s the core of why we’ve been successful through this period of time. We’re still having adapted versions of the incentives to fit what’s allowed at the moment. We will absolutely have adapted versions of our end of the year celebration. When the strategy of others has been to cut costs, we are just finding a new way to enjoy all of those amazing things that keep our culture strong.” 

"Growth is our raison d’être. We don’t want to achieve the same thing as last year, we always want to do better. FSM Group is unique and I firmly believe we have the strongest foundation to continue building upon." 



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