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Amy Raeymakers: Resilient Under Pressure

6 months ago #Success

Amy comes from an interesting background, both study and work wise! Before making the decision to join EyeTech Solutions in November of last year, she was under a different type of stress everyday in her risky chemical job.

“Before joining FSM, I did something totally different – I was a Chemical Process Operator. It is a job within the chemistry industry. It’s a very “manly” job actually. My uniform was a full blue collar work suit (not the type we wear here at FSM!), a safety helmet and protective shoes. My employer was the biggest chemical factory in the port of Antwerp.”

What was her task at the chemical factory?

“I needed to monitor the performance of plant equipment and process conditions, so that everything was under control, safe and didn’t explode!”

Quite the risky job! What kind of studies did Amy pursue?

“I studied chemistry in high school and when I graduated, I immediately started working. I worked at the chemical plant for over 6 years. However, I always regretted not studying further for my bachelor’s degree, so while I was working full time I decided to go back to school and studied communication management to get the degree.”

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It is clear that Amy is quite the hard worker. What attracted her to recruitment after her studies?  

“The targets! I also liked the fact that I could use my communication skills on the job. That was very important for me, especially because I could not apply those skills in my previous job.”

Does she have a favourite moment since beginning to work at EyeTech Solutions?

“My first deal. At first I really struggled on the market of IT Executives (I now work on the market of IT Support). When I finally made that first deal, everyone was super excited for me and I was really happy for myself too. That was a great moment and after knowing how that felt it inspired me to make many more deals.”

This has paid off as Amy attended Lunch Club at ‘t Zilte in Antwerp last week, a Michelin star restaurant! How does she stay motivated?

“We have a super awesome team. The colleagues are amazing. I enjoy coming to work every day. If you ask me what motivates me, it is the desire to do better and to make more deals!”

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