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Advice for Starting a new job from Recruitment Consultant Justine Bauchot

1 year ago #Fun

As a Recruitment Consultant for EyeTech Solutions Luxembourg, Justine Bauchot exudes enthusiasm and positivity when it comes to her job.  Justine started at FSM Group in July of 2018, and went to work on the Development patch of IT recruitment, as all consultants at EyeTech Solutions are specialised on a specific market in order to become experts in that sector.  Since then, she has been working on her clients and candidates in the EyeTech Solutions office in Luxembourg.   

What makes recruitment an ideal job for Justine?

“I really enjoy my job for many reasons.  One of the reasons is that the atmosphere in Luxembourg is nice with my team.  Another is that the environment in sales is very challenging everyday.  It is not a ‘typical’ routine job, and that’s what I like.”

What is it like to work for EyeTech Solutions in Luxembourg?

“The atmosphere is fun; we are working altogether to achieve our goals.  We are results-oriented and try to achieve our set targets everyday.  Across all individualised sectors, we give each other advice, and we stay very positive in order to help each other.”

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It is clear that even though there is always competition in the field of recruitment, there is an element of teamwork present as well at EyeTech Luxembourg.  Justine is doing very well as a recruitment consultant right now, having made multiple placements already this year, resulting in many happy clients and candidates. 

For those who are new to recruitment or for anyone starting in a new job position, Justine has a few words of wisdom to share:

“My first advice would be to know your goals.  When I first arrived at FSM Group, I knew what I wanted to achieve in terms of results, so that really helped me to succeed everyday.  Some other advice is to be entrepreneurial – be really proactive.  Create relationships.  My last bit of advice is to be a hard worker, stay really organised, and to learn good time-management skills.”

Justine hopes to evolve further in FSM Group, setting her sights on Team Leader next and keeping a Management position in mind.  At FSM Group, the possibilities to grow within the company are plentiful.

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