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5 Reasons Why You Should Join FSM Group

5 months ago #Success

What do you look for in a new job? Whether you are contemplating leaving your current position or delving into the working world for the very first time, FSM Group offers excellent opportunities to people of all backgrounds. 


Why should you join FSM Group?


High and Uncapped Commissions


We are a recruitment consultancy with a focus on sales. Sales jobs require resilience and hard work, but they pay off in the end. While many recruitment companies offer commissions, there are often caps on the amount that can be earned. One really unique thing about FSM Group is that we allow consultants to earn unlimited commissions. If you’re working hard and making a lot of placements, we believe that you deserve your full rewards! 


The Learning Curve with our Training Program


We welcome trainee recruitment consultants from all different backgrounds. Whether you’ve already had a first experience in sales or you’ve graduated with a degree in something unrelated, your attitude towards sales and willingness to learn is crucial. All consultants will learn extremely useful techniques through scheduled training sessions with our sales trainers from the FSM Academy. These learned skills can be carried with you throughout your entire career - an invaluable opportunity. 


Unique Company Culture


FSM is an acronym. What does it stand for? Fun, Success and Meritocracy! 

All of us at FSM Group share the same core values and this results in an amazing group of young, dynamic and ambitious individuals. Throughout each of our sub brands (James Woodman, EyeTech Solutions, Fuse Engineering and LEDR Executive Solutions) there is never a dull moment. Our offices are brimming with enthusiasm and energy on a daily basis, making work an enjoyable place to be. If this sounds like an ideal work environment for you, apply now!


Growth Opportunities


The growth mindset is an important state of mind for us here at FSM. We are constantly opening new offices in new cities, expanding our teams and allowing for evolution within the company. We reward the ambitious and provide new challenges to those who seek it. With a growth mindset, there are no limits.


Amazing Incentives


Salespeople need targets. Besides uncapped commissions, we set targets for our consultants so that they always have something amazing to aim for. Luxurious cars, lunches at Michelin star restaurants, a Rolex and a trip to Las Vegas are just some of the prizes our consultants work towards. See them for yourself on our Instagram page. A meritocratic environment means that hard work will be rewarded; an important part of the FSM culture. We expect everyone to aim high.


Our internal recruiters would be more than happy to discuss life at FSM Group with you. No more hesitations -- apply for our open positions now!