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3 Simple yet Important Keywords for your CV

1 month ago #Success

At FSM Group, all of our brands of recruitment consultants work with candidates every day to help them find their dream job. Having gone through thousands of CVs, we have many tips for candidates on how to make their profile stand out! 


What are 3 seemingly simple, yet important keywords to use in your CV to showcase your skills?


They are words that you use in everyday casual conversation, but they help tremendously with getting to the point of why you are the best candidate!



This word makes your statement quantifiable. "I increased sales by [x] amount, from [x] to [y] in 6 months".



This word goes along with the last and highlights the difference in growth. "I grew a team from [x] to [y]." 



How did you manage to achieve such great accomplishments? Use this word to show the important methods used. "I achieved [x] in sales by increasing [y] in 2019".


Who knew that some of the most important words on a CV could be less than 4 letters long?


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