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3 Huge Reasons Why Recruitment is an Ideal Career Starter

3 years ago #Success

What is your career plan after you graduate?

You’ve put in all the hard work needed to complete your schooling. What’s next? It’s no surprise that many people end up venturing into other fields at the completion of their studies. The choice of job market can be daunting when presented with all of the options. What direction will give you the greatest reward?

Whether it be lack of available jobs, the overwhelmingness of different choice or the feeling of needing something more, there are countless reasons why one may seek a different initial job after graduating. The field of recruitment is an ideal choice for someone who wants to learn the fundamentals of business and develop skills that will inevitably add to their future professional success, no matter the field.  Recruitment is a sales job. Even if you do not consider yourself as a ‘salesperson’, you might be surprised to learn the hidden talents you have when it comes to negotiation and persuasion. With a job in recruitment, you have the chance to nurture these attributes and catalyse that hidden potential into full-blown sales skills – not to mention the slew of other attributes you can gain.

Educational Focus Won’t Determine Your Success in Recruitment

Your educational background matters less when it comes to the field of recruitment. Studies in the area of business provide the most direct link, but personality and ambition are both equally important when it comes to selling to candidates and clients. To give you an example, at FSM Group, our top performing consultant of last year was an Engineering graduate. You can view numerous interviews with our recruitment consultants here, all with different backgrounds. As long as you have the drive and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, you can achieve high results in the industry, regardless of what you studied.

1. The Payoff is Huge, in Many Ways

We’re talking commission-wise, personal gains and other rewards! We’ll say it directly: if you want the chance to save up some money straight out of school, recruitment is the way to go. Since it is a sales job, often commissions are given for successful placements, but beware that not all recruitment jobs offer the same type of compensation. For us at FSM Group, the M stands for meritocracy – we believe that good work deserves great reward (and since you’re curious, the F stands for Fun and the S for Success, our three core values). With a great base salary accompanied by excellent commissions on every placement, working at FSM Group is a great way to earn a solid salary while enhancing your skills. Luckily for you, we’re hiring. Not all recruitment companies operate in the same way, so be sure to check what benefits and incentives await you.

2. Resilience, Problem Solving and Interpersonal Skills will Become Second Nature

Recruitment may sound like the dream job, but being successful will not always come easy. Failure is inevitable when trying to place candidates in suitable positions. Everything is a lesson. You will be on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, each extreme coming with its own unique set of teachings.  Being a recruitment consultant, you are steadily dealing with people, which means that there are never any guarantees – people change their minds, find different offers, etc. The important part is that though this, you develop coping mechanisms to deal with the lows; skills that are crucial in dealing with life and business in general.  

3. You Learn the Art of Hard Work

Studying and putting yourself into action at work are mutually exclusive. There are a lot of KPIs in recruitment which determine your success. Are you reaching your targets? Have you gone above and beyond to satisfy a client? A clear career path is instilled at FSM Group as we know how important targets are in terms of pushing success. To reach extra incentives, receive a promotion and much more, a clear goal in terms of results needs to be set. These goals are designed to give an additional push and fire up your drive. Ambition is the key component in hard work, and with these awards awaiting you, you will steadily learn how to work hard and smart to reap the rewards.

The benefits of starting off your career in the recruitment industry extend beyond your professional life. Enhance your connections, your skills and your personal confidence. Are you ready for this opportunity?

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