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"When I joined this company, I knew I was part of something great," David Van Auwegem's Experience

3 months ago #Success

“I wanted to be in an environment where we value hard work and making results. I knew that it was possible to advance my career at FSM Group.”

In February of 2017, David Van Auwegem joined FSM Group, working for Fuse Engineering in Ghent. David started out as a Trainee and grew to Consultant, Senior Consultant and Team Leader before landing his new role as Associate Manager. He now manages one of our newest offices: Fuse Engineering Rotterdam.

“When I started in Engineering, it was just me alongside the Fuse Engineering Regional Manager. Together we started to grow the team. When we were more established, we were talking about opportunities – growing and going international – and we both knew that I had the ambition to make these ideas happen. That’s how we decided to open Fuse Engineering Rotterdam and I have been in the Rotterdam office since its creation.”

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As one of our newest offices in a brand new city for FSM Group, what has the experience of opening Fuse Rotterdam been like for David thus far?

“Of course it is a challenge to start something new from scratch. The clients and candidates are not familiar with you and it’s a very competitive market. We are working on making a name for Fuse Engineering here and we’re doing a great job so far. There will always be objections coming our way, but of course these trials always come at the beginning of something great.”

Having been part of the FSM Family for a while, it must be extremely rewarding to have the chance to be part of the making of a new team within our company. What was the factor that drew David to beginning a career at FSM Group?

“When I joined the company, I knew that a young, international sales environment was really the thing for me. I wanted to make big steps in my career, I wanted to have challenges, and I wanted to be in an environment where we value hard work and making results. I knew that it was possible to advance my career at FSM Group. It was one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life. Personally, it motivated me more than ever, made me work harder and allowed me to become more business minded and strategic. When I joined this company I knew I was part of something great.”

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