FSM Group is part of The Ambitious Group, with almost 400 dedicated professionals.

FSM Group started to grow during the economic downturn, successfully bringing the appropriate clients and candidates together with individualised, tailor-made solutions.

The history of the company reflects its ambitious spirit and core values: Fun, Success and Meritocracy. At FSM Group, everyone embodies the idea that opportunities are infinite.

To date, we are growing, evolving, learning and improving. This attitude is contagious as success breeds success. Our winning mentality is the special trait which makes FSM Group first choice for recruitment.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”

William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Do you recognise traits of your own in our vision? Apply and join our team.

FSM Academy DNA

The FSM Group DNA

The FSM Group DNA is the essence of the group running through all aspects of the company; whether specialised in Finance, IT, or Engineering, this bond ties the entire FSM Group family together.

The FSM Group culture is the magic that cannot be replicated. It is an understanding and a mentality, centred around self-awareness and responsibility. We are very proud to continue to have high standards and will always aim to overachieve.

A Diverse Team

While one DNA connects us all, we at FSM Group believe in the power of diversity.

Daring to be different: it’s about a vast range of minds, opinions and voices which reflects a deep respect for ourselves and for others. Our team is a professional and extremely ambitious group, consisting of specialised people with varying backgrounds.

Black and Partner DNA
Black and Partner DNA

Meritocracy & Well-Being

In accordance with being employer of choice, we know the importance of taking care of our employees. We believe that taking care of our team will in turn reflect through the services we provide.

We achieve this by offering our employees an exciting training program, excellent financial rewards and superb market leading incentives. We also offer a well-established managerial career path.

We believe in winning. Do you have what it takes? Apply and join our team today !


Organic growth is our preferred course of action; therefore, it is possible to start as a trainee recruitment consultant and work your way up to the highest levels within our group.

The FSM Academy's knowledge base is the accumulation of over thirty years of recruitment industry experience. It is a department that we are extremely proud of and which confirms our ability to make people successful.

Newcomers to the FSM Group start their careers as trainee consultants. The first six months of commitment and drive will determine their position inside the company as specialised consultants. In line with our vision of unlimited possibilities, we offer endless opportunities to our go-getters: constantly creating new teams and opening new divisions, sectors and offices internationally.

Learn from the past, Live in the present, Look forward to the future.

Richard Houtman, Chairman

We hire ambition, we train success